Ikhda, by Ikhda, by Ikhda Ayuning Maharsi

Poems by Ikhda Ayuning Maharsi

lineCharacters and landscapes leap off every page and the poems pulse with a visceral femininity and humanity as Maharsi glories in the possibilities of language and life.

Reading this book is like being splashed with freezing water and a shower of popping candy and wild roses – surprising, refreshing, delightful and bewildering, and something you won’t forget in a hurry.

Paperback ISBN  978-0-9574596-6-3
Publication date: 27th March 2014
Page count: 36
Price: £6.50 (paperback), £4.25 (ebook)

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‘The poems celebrate the body, particularly the female body, and she exuberantly invokes its animal functions: the ‘you’ of ‘Anatomy’ is exhorted to ‘pump my breast/ for your kid’ and ‘drink my spit’; in ‘Lys’, the speaker tells us ‘I have had intercourse so many times with my past’, and in the end her sensual pleasures ensure a kind of immortality ‘ — Rachel Piercey, in her introduction to Ikhda, by Ikhda

‘Wherever one happens to dip into this collection, you can be guaranteed a blend of refreshment and anger, conflict and peace side-by-side without ever appearing at odds. Ikhda herself has conjured a fantastic tree of poetry, branching out and blooming on the strength of her conviction as a writer of innovation and sentiment.’ — James Mcloughlin on Sabotage Reviews

‘Awash with diverse characters and adventurous settings, the collection picks apart the joys and tragedies of humanity and celebrates the uniqueness of our individual lives.’ — For Books’ Sake

‘In one of the most sensory collections of recent years, Ikhda Ayuning Marharsi works through different relationships; from mothers and sons, to strangers in the street, through to our relationship with language, rhythm and the building blocks of communication itself; words’ — Alexa Turnpenney for Cadaverine 

‘Ikhda, by Ikhda takes us towards a recognisably cosmopolitan space, where the English language finds its borders with languages from French to Italian and beyond. […] Maharsi’s poems draw us deeper into the private spaces her linguistic collages define, as with her poems ‘Pinkie Minimus’ and ‘Gili Gili’.’ – Merion Jordan for Lighthouse Journal 


About the author

Ikhda Ayuning MaharsiIndonesian poet Ikhda Ayuning Maharsi performed her poetry for the first time in 2011 at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. Her poems have been published in The Emma Press Anthology of Mildly Erotic Verse and The Emma Press Anthology of Motherhood.

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