Raspberries for the Ferry, by Andrew Wynn Owen (paperback)


The debut pamphlet from Andrew Wynn Owen. With an introduction by Richard O’Brien.

* Eric Gregory Award Winner 2015 *

Paperback ISBN 978-0-9574596-5-6
Publication date: 27th March 2014
Page count: 36


Product Description

Raspberries for the Ferry is a veritable treasury of gorgeous, tart, juicy poems. Andrew Wynn Owen dazzles in his debut pamphlet, embracing a variety of formal structures and whisking the reader up with his infectious rhythms and lively sensuality. Tortoises, dancers, lovers and whales all beguile in poems which are playful, charming and frequently heartfelt, grounded in the past and bubbling with modern verve.

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Charles Bovary’s Cap, Elizabeth Barrett Browning outside Casa Guidi, Footage of Nureyev, Icarus, Insomnia Song, Pinwheel, Raspberries, Robert Browning in Piazza San Felice, Serenade, Strandbeests, Terragogous, The Lay of the Lake, The Partridge, The Phoenix and the Tortoise, The Trees, The Whale, Walk, Your Smile