The Held and the Lost, by Kristen Roberts (paperback)


A moving collection of poems about love, marriage and family life, by Kristen Roberts. Illustrated by Emma Wright.

Paperback ISBN 978 0 9574596 8 7
Publication date: 27th February 2014
Page count: 36


Product Description

The Held and the Lost is a distinctly Australian collection of poems about love, marriage and family life. Kristen Roberts is laid-back but precise as she sketches sympathetic portraits of people and relationships against the backdrop of swaying eucalypts, roses and occasional rain.

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Afternoon backyard, All kinds of sheep on the hills, Climbing roses, Each different darkness, Familiar, forever, Fracture, Going home, Homecoming, Morning on the water, Night music, The dancer, the cat, The roses, The spider and the fly, Through a night window, To the sea, Wake me when you come in