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The Emma Press Books can change lives We believe that there are many voices which remain unheard, and readers whose needs are not met by the output of mainstream publishing. Slide The Emma Press Poetry, short fiction and children’s books We have a growing list of translations which includes titles from Latvia, Estonia, Indonesia, Spain and the Netherlands.


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  • “I haven’t read a children’s book in years!” the professor told me over the edge of his teacup when I shared the news: having been given the chance to do research towards a PhD, I’d switched fields of study, would be learning about an author of children’s literature, and was looking forward to it. How refreshing, I thought, to take seriously something that serious people often brush aside. This was to be our final conversation (although, if you are out there and reading this, I’d like to chat again, sir, perhaps to change your mind).

    Why haven’t you? What springs to his mind when he hears “children’s book” anyway? What springs to yours? What judgments and feelings spring along with it?

  • There is a poem in Andrea Davidson’s book Eggenwise, written as a letter to her mom, where she reflects on what it means to be both sad and happy to leave a place. These seemingly contradictory emotions run throughout the collection as she tries to make sense of moving to a different country and learning new words and meeting new people. It is, in many ways, a lot like what I am going to be doing next, though in a more metaphorical sense. I will not be hopping on a plane anytime soon or learning a new language, but I am very sadly saying goodbye to the home that I’ve made here at The Emma Press.

  • We are excited to announce the longlisted submissions from our August 2023 open call.

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Slide what's new Check out the adorable little Bicki-Books We’ve published twelve of these gorgeous mini poetry picturebooks so far. Originally published in Latvia, the Bicki-Books are perfect gifts for little ones. h g j


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    The Emma Press is an independent publisher specialising in poetry, short fiction and children’s books. We are trying to make publishing and literature as welcoming and accessible as possible.
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