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The Emma Press launches call for poems about travel

The Emma Press has launched a call for submissions for poems about travel for an anthology titled In Transit: Poems about Travel.

The anthology is a collaboration with the Centre for Travel Writing Studies at Nottingham Trent University and will be edited by Tim Youngs and Sarah Jackson. Tim Youngs is a professor of English Literature at the university and director of the Centre for Travel Writing Studies and Sarah Jackson is a senior lecturer in English and Creative Writing.

Tim Youngs said: ‘As a travel writing critic and a poet, I’m fascinated with how the experience of travel is both recorded and altered by the writing of it. In particular, I’m looking forward to seeing how form and voice are used to convey a sense of the physical act of travelling and reflections on being in transit. Whether entries describe the mundane or the special, Sarah and I are interested in seeing the various ways in which the poems carry and re-route the journey.’

Sarah Jackson said: ‘I’m fascinated by this relationship between imagination and travel. What is it about being on the road that has inspired so many poets? How is the rhythm of movement translated into poetic form? And how does the texture of the journey shape the language of each poem? In this anthology, Tim and I want to explore the physical, social and psychological implications of travel, gathering together a range of poems that challenge our assumptions of what it means to be in transit.’

The call for poems invites submissions about journeys and the experience of being in transit: ‘Poems may describe journeys undertaken on foot, by bicycle, motorcycle, wheelchair, ambulance, bus, train, plane, boat or other mode of transport.’ In Transit is scheduled for publication in April 2018.

The deadline for submissions is 28th May 2017. Please see the submissions guidelines for more information.

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