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The Emma Press launches anthology of aunt poems

The Emma Press is launching a new poetry anthology, The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts, on 10th May 2017.

Edited by Emma Wright and Rachel Piercey, this anthology brings together 35 new and established poets, including Anna Woodford, Carole Bromley, Matthew Haig and Mary Anne Clark, and will feature illustrations by Emma Wright. The anthology will be a companion to the award-winning publisher’s anthologies of motherhood and fatherhood (both published in 2014), examining the complex dynamics of family relationships through poetry.

Emma Wright, editor, said: ‘I’m fascinated by the roles for women within families and communities. With The Emma Press Anthology of Motherhood, I was interested in the experiences of being and having a mother but also in that weight of potential – that women can or “should” be mothers. What I find interesting about aunts is that women have next to no agency over whether they become aunts, and that the expectations of what aunts should do are slightly vaguer than they are for mothers. For The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts, Rachel and I wanted to gather a range of depictions of aunts, and to explore the different approaches to this role.’

The poems were collected from an open call for submissions which ran in April-May 2016. The editors received over 150 entries, which they both read and narrowed down to the final selection. The Emma Press runs regular calls for submissions to their anthologies and pamphlet lists, as part of their ongoing mission of openness and accessibility to both writers and readers.

The launch event for The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts will take place on 10th May at the Star of Kings in London; more information can be found on the Emma Press events page.


The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts 
Published 10th May 2017
ISBN 978-1-910139-66-0
RRP £10.00

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