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Roll up! Roll up! The Emma Press signs Nasta’s debut children’s book We Are A Circus

Introducing our newest act…The Emma Press has signed writer Nasta’s first children’s book, with illustrations by Rosie Fencott. It will join The Emma Press’ ever growing, diverse collection of children’s literature

Emma Dai’an Wright, founding editor of The Emma Press, acquired world rights in the English language to We Are A Circus. It is set to be published in March 2023

Nasta writes lyrics and queer stories for children and runs a project on social media working against stereotypes of all types. Also working as an illustrator for a Greek queer magazine, much of Nasta’s work is creative and imaginative, using art as a way of raising awareness, and promoting inclusivity. Nasta’s days involve lots of peekaboo, playgrounds, and hugs, and this joy and positivity can be seen throughout the book.

We are a circus.
Fortunately not like the ones that train animals.
(Fortunately means “happiness”)
We are trained by animals! They even make us jump through flaming hoops!
I am kidding. Animals would never do this.

From We Are A Circus, by Nasta

Following three acrobats and their two dogs, this illustrated children’s book tells the charming tale of a rainbow family and their love and gratitude for the life they live together. It is a story of love, home, and ‘fortunatalies’, beautifully complemented by Rosie Fencott’s energetic artwork. Despite the hardships that they face, this little family always looks for the positives, finding happiness and comfort in the smallest of things. As Nasta explains, “tender love is the only home that won’t fall,” and We Are A Circus tells readers just that. 

Nasta described the book as “blending reality with a wish”, adding, “it is the real story of Nasta and Sofia living together and being in love…We welcome you to our unique little family!”

About Nasta

Nasta is a writer based in Germany. Nasta left Thessaloniki, Greece, when four months pregnant, to live in the friendlier city of Berlin. Nasta now spends the days with children, enjoying their whimsical philosophies, and the nights next to the fridge, enjoying its music. Nasta likes to write lyrics and queer stories for kids, and runs a project on social media working against stereotypes of all types.

About The Emma Press

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