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Balam & Lluvia’s House shortlisted for the 2024 CLiPPA Poetry Award

The Emma Press is excited to announce that our book Balam & Lluvia’s House by Guatemalan author and playwright Julio Serrano Echeverría has been shortlisted for the 2024 CLiPPA Poetry Award. This children’s book was translated by Lawrence Schimel and illustrated by Yolanda Mosquera.

Balam and Lluvia are siblings who catch fireflies, bid farewell to their pet fish in the bathroom, and wait for Ratón Pérez to collect their teeth.

In Balam and Lluvia’s House, the secret tastes and sounds of the everyday are waiting to be found. From the smell of crushed laurel leaves to the whispers of the peach tree in their back garden, every day is a day of discovery. Full of lively and reflective poems, this book invites the reader to run alongside Balam and Lluvia captivated by the world that surrounds them.

The book has already won an English PEN Award, which supported its translation, and was nominated for the Yoto Carnegie Medal for Illustration.

It is the fifth time an Emma Press book has been shortlisted for this prestigious children’s poetry award. Rachel Plummer’s Wain and Kate Wakeling’s Cloud Soup have also been shortlisted, with Kate’s debut Moon Juice winning the award in 2017. Balam & Lluvia’s House is only the second ever translation to make the shortlist, following another Lawrence Schimel translation for the Emma Press in 2020, Poems the Wind Blew In by Karmelo C. Iribarren.

Winners of the 2024 CLiPPA Poetry Award will be named at a ceremony at The National Theatre on 12 July 2024. Find out who else is shortlisted including our own Kate Wakeling for her Otter Barry Books title, and get your copy of Balam & Lluvia’s House today.

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