The Emma Press is publishing Tiny Moons: A Year of Eating in Shanghai, a food memoir by award-winning poet Nina Mingya Powles, at the end of the month.

Tiny Moons is a collection of essays about food and belonging. Powles journeys between Wellington, Kota Kinabalu and Shanghai, tracing the constants in her life: eating and cooking, and the dishes that have come to define her. Through childhood snacks, family feasts, Shanghai street food and student dinners, she attempts to find a way back towards her Chinese-Malaysian heritage.

The Emma Press has published six more titles in the Bicki-Books series, originally published in Latvia. Bicki-Books are postcard-sized picturebooks aimed at children aged 3+, each featuring a poem and illustrations by different contemporary artists.

Publisher Emma Wright acquired UK rights for the series from Liels un mazs, Riga. The BIKIBUKS series was curated by Rūta Briede, arts director at Liels un mazs and tutor at the Art Academy of Riga. There were 101 BIKIBUKS published in Latvia between 2012 and 2018, with the 101st book released to mark 100 years of Latvian independence.

Wrights said: “The Bicki-Books are the perfect size for little hands, and a great way for children to feel ownership over books. All the illustrations are rich with details, so readers can discover new delights every time they return to the books. They have become instant classics to children in Latvia, and I hope that they will help connect children in the UK with the wider world.”

Birmingham publisher The Emma Press has published Poems The Wind Blew In – the latest addition to their flagship children's poetry book list.

Poems The Wind Blew In, by Karmelo C. Iribarren, was first published as Versos que el viento arrastra in Spain in 2010, by Ediciones El Jinete Azul. It has been translated into English for The Emma Press by Lawrence Schimel, with newly-commissioned illustrations for this edition by Riya Chowdhury.

Birmingham-based publisher the Emma Press is launching The Goldfish in Kyoto on 26th October 2019. Written by Ikhda Ayuning Maharsi Degoul, an Indonesian poet based in Japan, The Goldfish is to join the Emma Press’ list of award-winning poetry pamphlets.

With her experimental, playful poems which capture the voice of a goldfish, Ikhda undergoes a surreal exploration of femininity in the new world – one which she describes as being of ‘cross-cultural thought and divergence’ – by drawing on the dualities of the life of a goldfish and the life of a woman.
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