Book launch for Accessioning

23 June
Book launch for Accessioning

Join us for the book launch of Accessioning by Charlotte Wetton. There will be readings and Charlotte will share insights into how the book came to be. There will be chance to ask questions at the end.


You can pre-order a copy of the collection here.
RSVP to the launch (7pm UK time / Friday 23rd June) here.



From the book’s blurb:

“Astute, precise, and unsettlingly calm, Accessioning is an index of lives encased in museum glass, and then brought to life.

Through poems about fossilised fruit seeds and the sofa where Emily Brontë died, Wetton questions how we curate the lives of those living and dead in a pamphlet about looking, processing, and memorialising. Whether considering preserved wedding-cakes, a non-existent art exhibition or a human scream, these poems speak to the impossibility of containment and question our ability to map and categorise.

This is a pamphlet of poems about the stories that we tell ourselves, the memories that we construct, and the ways that we value and devalue people, animals and objects alike.”

Event details

Date: 23 June 2023.
Time: 19:00
Event Type: Book launch
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