Book launch for Blood & Cord: Writers on Early Parenthood

19 May
Book launch for Blood & Cord: Writers on Early Parenthood

Join us for the book launch of Blood & Cord: Writers on Early Parenthood edited by Abi Curtis. There will be readings from some of the contributors and Abi will share insights into how the book came to be. There will be chance to ask questions at the end.


You can pre-order a copy of the collection here.
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From the book’s blurb:

“A child is born and everything is made anew. In this blur of new beginnings there are tears and laughter, new words and new silences: this is an unmaking and remaking of the self.

From short stories about unnerved fathers and lost mothers, to poems about ‘half-built Lego palaces’ and friends who share their deepest secrets, Blood & Cord is a raw exploration of new parenthood. Voicing silenced conversations about loss, grief, and loneliness, as well as the joys and laughter that are part and parcel of becoming a parent, the stories told within offer a refreshingly honest account of life after new life.

This collection is a hand in the dark, offering comfort and solidarity to any new parent.

Edited by Abi Curtis, with prose pieces from Naomi Booth, Jennifer Cooke, Rebecca Goss, Daisy Hildyard, Caleb Klaces and Malcolm Taylor, and poems from Liz Berry, Rachel Bower, Tommy Brad, Janine Bradbury, Ruth Charnock, Abi Curtis, Paige Davis, Gail McConnell, Elizabeth Hogarth, Alex McRae Dimsdale, Sandra Simonds and Sylvie Simonds.”

Event details

Date: 19 May 2023.
Time: 19:00
Event Type: Book launch
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