Book launch for “The Fabulanarchist Luxury Uprising”

08 April
Book launch for “The Fabulanarchist Luxury Uprising”

Join us for the booklaunch of our newest poetry pamphlet The Fabulanarchist Luxury Uprising by Jack Houston. The event feature a reading from Jack plus Q&A with our founding editor Emma Dai’an Wright.

You can order a copy of the pamphlet here.

The book’s blurb: Playful, formal, satirical and tender, the poems in The Fabulanarchist Luxury Uprising are wildly wide-ranging. Jack Houston whisks the reader through meditations on family life, the teachings of Lucretius, the sexual potential of Captain Barnacles, and dreams of a socialist utopia, managing to be both deeply weird and touching.

In his debut pamphlet, Houston draws out and scrutinises the mundanities of life, showing how they can form part of something much bigger. His poems aim to awaken the capacity for revolution within us all, even if it only gets us as far as the roundabout in the local playpark.

Event details

Date: 08 April 2022.
Time: 19:00
Event Type: Book launch
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