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The Fox’s Wedding

The Fox’s Wedding


The Fox’s Wedding is a collection of poems by Rebecca Hurst, illustrated by Reena Makwana. Part of The Emma Press Art Squares series.

Describe the box.
It is square, carved from elm with a brass hinge and lock.
I see you hold it in your hands.
I hold it against my body, so.
It is a burden.
It is the size of a tea-caddy.
It is an object of beauty.
You could call it beautiful. The grain, the glow.
The box is very old.
The box would prefer we not discuss its age.

– from ‘Her Unbreakable Box’


Page count: 36

Publication date: 24 February 2022

Paperback ISBN: 9781912915958

Rebecca Hurst

Rebecca Hurst is a writer, opera-maker and illustrator. She was born in East Sussex and now lives in Greater Manchester. Rebecca’s poetry has appeared in various international magazines, including The Rialto, PN Review, Agenda, Aesthetica, The Clearing, and Magma Poetry. In 2021 a selection of her poems were published in the Carcanet anthology New Poetries VIII. Rebecca has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester and was artist in residence at the John Ryland’s Library from autumn 2019 to spring 2020. She is co-founder of the Voicings Collective.


Rebecca Hurst’s debut pamphlet is woven through with fairy tales, folklore and landscape. She uses the natural world, family mythology and the theory of fairy tales to unpack, embroider, and explode traditional tales and tropes, exploring themes of voice, concealment, and transformation.

Prickling with magic and spells, the poems in The Fox’s Wedding lead us down a twisty path to find – what? A prince made of needles? A cursed box? A golden key? Take care and keep your wits about you; if you’re lucky you might just find your way home.

About the illustrator

Reena Makwana is a London-based illustrator creating illustrations using drawings, embroidery and print. Her work is influenced by the city, characters, creatures, social past and present. She has produced work for clients including Vittles, Pit Magazine, Endeavour Agency, Lecker, Big Family Press, OOMK and At The Table. Visit her website here:

More from Rebecca Hurst

Poems in bath magg.

Praise for The Fox’s Wedding

‘Hurst knows the origins and psychology of fairy tales like the back of her hand. Numbers are magical, as are doors, golden keys, goose girls, the crone at her spindle, the cottage in the forest, the scuffed red shoes. Round and round we go with no escape, no way out. We are trapped in the spell of the tale like a spinning magic lantern show, or the play of light and shadow in the wood.’ Louise Warren, London Grip

If you can imagine Angela Carter, but a reined in, hyper-controlled Carter, where every word is perfect and carries superbly judged weight and musicality – this collection is precisely that. These are fairy stories that dig back into narratives of blood and skin and teeth, where happy endings are de-railed and deconstructed. Cathi Rae, Everybody’s Reviewing

‘Hurst weaves together, and subtly unravels, “the memetics of fairy tales” from frog princes to gingerbread boys. Full of folklore and forested states of being, The Fox’s Wedding is a beguiling feat of whimsy and wonder.’ PBS Summer Bulletin 2022

‘It is hard to think of a writer more alive to the animal in us than Rebecca Hurst, in her striking first pamphlet, The Fox’s Wedding. The Emma Press, I feel, has blazed a trail in its enthusiasm for illustration. Reena Makwana’s grey ghosts of boars and honeysuckle are a shadowy counterpoint to the drama of Rebecca Hurst’s words. And how wild these poems are! In Hurst’s charmed borderland of imagination, animal and human, story and song, anything can happen, and frequently does…’ – Alison Brackenbury, I DARED

Watch Rebecca Hurst read poetry

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × .5 × 20 cm

Paperback, eBook

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