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Bicki-Books (Set 2)


A set of six postcard-sized picturebooks, originally published in Latvia
Perfect little gifts for children aged 3+.


If you would like us to include 6 colourful envelopes (for free!) so you can give them as individual gifts, just mention it in the note on your order.

Various authors

Each book features a poem by one of: Inga Gaile, Vitauts Ļūdēns, Jāzeps Osmanis, Ilmārs Šlāpins or Inese Zandere. The poems are translated from Latvian into English by Kate Wakeling, Žanete Vēvere Pasqualini and Kaija Straumanis.


A collectible series of six mini picturebooks, each featuring a delightful story accompanied by colourful illustrations. The titles included in the second set are:

Secret by Jāzeps Osmanis, illustrated by Ingrīda Pičukāne.

A little boy wants to tell his mother a secret, but first she has to swear to tell NO-ONE ELSE! There is also a secret hidden in the illustrations.

Potato Potato by Vitauts Ļūdēns, illustrated by Ieva Jurjāne.

A fun nursery rhyme about potatoes, written across a long strip of potato peel.


Mole by Vitauts Ļūdēns, illustrated by Dita Pence.

Who would imagine that a family of moles has built a metro system right under our feet – and that the little mounds you see in the fields are actually their subway train stations?

The Tall Tale of a Mischievous Mushroom Picker by Inese Zandere, illustrated by Edmunds Jansons.

A fun nonsense rhyme about a child who goes mushroom-picking.


Emil by Inga Gaile, illustrated by Anna Zvaigzne.

A love poem to Emil!


I want a little puppy dog by Ilmārs Šlāpins, illustrated by Dārta Stafecka.

This man wants a dog and will stop at nothing to get it! Beautifully illustrated with embroidery.

Publication date: 25 Jan 2020

Additional information

Dimensions 14.5 × 10.5 cm

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