Bicki-Books #1: Bicki Bucki


Story by Janis Baltvilks
Illustrations by Reinis Petersons

An Emma Press Children’s Book

Product Description

Bicki Bucki is a modern nursery rhyme. It’s the first in a collectible series of six new classics by Latvian authors, translated into English for the first time. Janis Baltvilks and illustrator Reinis Petersons work together to tell the unusual story of a friendship between a small boy and a dinosaur which gets its tail stuck under a stone. Petersons’s simple, block colour illustrations make this tale of perseverance and helping others pop off the page. And just like the hero, the reader who powers on to the end will find a real surprise at the end of their quest!

Translated from the Latvian by Žanete Vēvere Pasqualini and Kate Wakeling.

Paperback ISBN 9781910139912
Publication date: 17 Jan 2019