Captain Love and the Five Joaquins, by John Clegg (paperback)


A tale of the Old West by John Clegg. With illustrations by Emma Wright.

Paperback ISBN 978 1 910139 01 1
Publication date: 29th May 2014
Page count: 36


Product Description

John Clegg (Society of Authors 2013 Eric Gregory Award) thrills and intrigues with this true-ish adventure story, set in the vividly-evoked Old West and told through verse and prose poems. The book follows the progress of bounty hunter Captain Harry Love on his tour of California with the supposed head of horse-thief Joaquin Murrieta in a jar. The Five Joaquins, a notorious gang of outlaws, are hard on Love’s heels. As Love is lauded for his triumph over Murrieta, his fear of exposure becomes unbearable.