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The Adventures Of Na Willa

The Adventures Of Na Willa


Stories by Reda Gaudiamo
Illustrations by Cecillia Hidayat
Translated from Indonesian by Ikhda Ayuning Maharsi Degoul and Kate Wakeling

“Cik Mien sells all sorts of groceries. There’s rice, kecap, and butter in a can with pictures of coconut trees on it. There’s soap wrapped with brown paper with bees drawn on it. There’s also a soap in the shape of a brick with two shaking hands drawn on it. I really really really do not like the way that this soap smells.


Mak says I mustn’t ask for anything. If Cik Mien is eating tiwul she’ll give me a bit of tiwul on a little plate. But I prefer grontol – boiled corn sprinkled with coconut – with a little bit of salt and sugar. But of all the food and drink she gives me, my absolute favourite is a special drink in a bottle which is labelled as ‘Orange Cruz’, which Cik Mien says like this: ‘oranyekrus’. It tastes sweet and sour and then there’s also another sensation that fizzes on my tongue.”

An Emma Press Children’s Book
Approximate reading age: for reading aloud to children aged 6+; for children aged 8+ to read on their own

Publication date: 12 Mar 2019

Paperback ISBN: 9781910139592

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Reda Gaudiamo

Reda Gaudiamo is a writer from Jakarta, Indonesia, known for her 'Na Willa' stories. She is also known across Southeast Asia and Europe as a singer and musician through the AriReda duo.


Na Willa is a bright, adventurous girl living in Surabaya’s suburbs, her home in the middle of an alley surrounded by cypress trees. She spends her days running after trains with Dul (she always beats him), going down to the market with Mak, and thinking about how people can sing through radios. But while everyone else tells Na Willa what to do and who to be, Na Willa wants to be free. She doesn’t want to be “just” a girl, she doesn’t want to look just like Pak, or just Mak. She wants to be both and more.

Indonesian author Reda Gaudiamo has created a collection of stories of curious adventures and musings of a multicultural girl growing up in Indonesia with an East Indonesian mother and a Chinese-Indonesian father. Set in a time when children spent the day outside, listening to Lilis Suryani’s songs on the radio, and when race and gender would still go undiscussed, this is Na Willa’s story as she grows up unafraid to ask the big questions.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Listen to Reda Gaudiamo perform her wonderful music:

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Dimensions 13 × 19 cm

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