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We Are A Circus

We Are A Circus


LONGLISTED for the Klaus Flugge Prize 2024


Nasta’s We Are A Circus is the story of a rainbow family and their love and gratitude for the life they live together: a tale of love, home, and finding happiness in the smallest of things, beautifully complemented by Rosie Fencott’s energetic artwork.


We are a circus.
Fortunately not like the ones that train animals.
(Fortunately means “happiness”)
We are trained by animals! They even make us jump through flaming hoops!
I am kidding. Animals would never do this.


Page count: 32

Publication date: 16 March 2023

Paperback ISBN: 9781912915897


Nasta is a writer from Thessaloniki, Greece, based in Berlin, Germany. Na spends the days with children, enjoying their whimsical philosophies, playing, drawing and clowning around. Whenever Na doesn't fall asleep while reading bedtime stories, Na can be found writing lyrics and queer stories for kids. Image credit: Lefteris Paraskevas


We Are A Circus is the charming tale of a rainbow family, riding around Thessaloniki on a bike. They are poor and living precariously, but they are happy together and have fun in the sun and in the rain (though sometimes they get a bit cold).

As the book progresses, we follow them through the seasons, playing and cycling and fending off the weather. When their landlord turfs them out of their house, things get more serious as they have to find a new home, fast.

Nasta has created an exuberant, compassionate story, which is beautifully complemented by Rosie Fencott’s energetic artwork, which has been longlisted for the Klaus Flugge Prize.


About the illustrator

Rosie Fencott is an illustrator from Birmingham, England, and a big fan of the colour orange. They have been committed to drawing pictures of people since the age of 13. When not drawing, they’re most likely to be either playing video games or reading.


Praise for We Are A Circus

“This book reads as a (bike) ride. Do not read the back cover to find out what it is about. Don’t be curious now, trust us on this one, this book is not just about the storyline. It’s all about the ride. This way, you won’t miss the puns, you won’t miss how content creates meaning and how the play on words can make you stop and smirk. And read out aloud and smirk. Nasta has always been an advocate of learning through play and has been an example themselves of the immersive experience and of reading out loud. And this book so simply yet so fully puts that forward and embeds feelings and seasons and colours into the imagination. Don’t be fooled by the artful sketches and illustrations by Rosie Fencott; this is also a book for your beloved adults, the acrobats that fill your own circus. And as a Greek reader, the reading gets even more layered: identity, habits, culture, norms, they all get a wink through Nasta’s seemingly simple lines.” –  Pavlina Kostarakou, Director of Diavazo Greek Books

We Are A Circus is a “beautiful story about poverty and what really makes us rich; about happiness and what really matters! If you have read and liked The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse I strongly recommend this one.”

We Are A Circus by Nasta is filled with truth; there is no better way to tell the truth than through love!” – Έλσον Ζγκούρη

 “A sweet story of familial love, navigating life’s hardships together, and remaining positive despite difficulties. Children who face housing insecurity will find comfort in the resolution” – Kids Read the World

“[Nasta’s] story captures a sense of optimism and family love, using short sentences and speaking directly to the reader. The energy and directness of the language are matched by Rosie Fencott’s effervescent and witty images which add detail to each statement, capturing the emotion of the moment […]. This book, suitable for children from 4 years upwards, is an example of a fresh and lively approach to publishing.” – Eve Bearne, Just Imagine

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × .5 × 20 cm

Paperback, eBook

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