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Moon Juice

Moon Juice


Poems by Kate Wakeling, illustrated by Elīna Brasliņa

“Skig the warrior was more of a worrier.
He didn’t want to spear deer
or pillage villages
or hoot and toot when the crew looted somewhere new.
He’d rather play Scrabble than join the rack and rabble.
Yep, Skig was in no hurry to be a warrior.
It only made him worry (and sorrier).”

An Emma Press Children’s Poetry Collection
Approximate reading age: for reading aloud to children aged 6+; for children aged 8+ to read on their own

Page count: 96

Publication date: 15th September 2016

Paperback ISBN 978-1-910139-49-3


Kate Wakeling

Kate Wakeling is a poet and musicologist. Her debut poetry collection for children, Moon Juice, won the CLiPPA in 2017 and was nominated for the Carnegie Medal. A pamphlet of her poetry for adults, The Rainbow Faults, is published by The Rialto. Kate studied music at Cambridge University and holds a PhD in Balinese gamelan music from SOAS. She is writer-in-residence with Aurora Orchestra. Photo credit: Sophie Davidson



Meet Skig, who’s meant to be a warrior (but is really more of a worrier). Meet a giddy comet, skidding across the sky with her tail on fire. Put a marvellous new machine in your pocket and maybe you’ll be able to fix all your life’s problems.

Kate Wakeling’s first book of poems for children is full of curious characters and strange situations. The poems she writes are always musical, sometimes magical, and full of wonder at the weirdness of the world. Moon Juice contains 25 poems and features bonus materials, including interviews with the author and the illustrator, and ideas for writing your own poems.

About the Illustrator:

Elīna Brasliņa studied Printmaking and Graphic Arts at the Art Academy of Latvia. Since 2014 she has illustrated more than twenty titles, including Moon Juice by Kate Wakeling, which was her international debut. She has been nominated for numerous awards in Latvia, and has won the Zelta Ābele (Golden Apple Tree) National Prize for Book Art four times. She was awarded the International Jānis Baltvilks Prize in 2017. You can visit Elīna’s website and see more of her illustrations here:

Praise for Moon Juice:

‘This clever, funny, inspiring poetry collection, which has just won the CLiPPA, is a children’s debut by a poet for adults, full of rich ideas and roll-around-the-tongue sounds that demand to be read aloud.’ – The Sunday Times

Moon Juice, from the Emma Press, illustrated with spiky charm by Elīna Brasliņa, won the 2017 CLiPPA, ranges from dreamy celestial meditation (“Moon is / silver sliver. // Moon is / clipped cup / from which to sip / a first drop / of freshly-pressed / moon juice”) to comet-streaking speed – “Comet” comes with the injunction that it should be read as fast as possible, ideally in a single breath.’ – The Times Literary Supplement

‘Poems to be welcomed, savoured and read aloud.’ – Books for Keeps

CLPE Teaching Sequence for Moon Juice

Interviews with Kate Wakeling:

MinervaReads, Playing by the Book, The Reading Realm

Watch Kate Wakeling read from Moon Juice:

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