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DISSOLVE to: L.A. is a collection of poems about minor characters from well-known action films. With illustrations by Emma Wright.


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Emma Wright

Emma Dai'an Wright is the founder of The Emma Press, and works on all the books herself, from commissioning, editing, typesetting, illustrating, marketing and sales. She isn't the author of any books - this bit is just appearing under every book until the website is updated!


What does it mean to die in a movie scene? To exist on the peripheries? James Trevelyan takes twelve cult action films of the 1980s and 90s and gives life where it was extinguished too early. Speaking in the voices of such poignantly disposable characters as Cougar (Top Gun), GIRL (Lethal Weapon) and Donald Gennaro (Jurassic Park), Trevelyan provides a humorous and heart-breaking exploration of morality, mortality and our sense of self.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-910139-37-0
Publication date: 17th March 2016
Page count: 36

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Dimensions 11 × 17.8 cm

Pamphlet, eBook

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