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Everything That Can Happen: Poems about the Future


Edited by Suzannah Evans and Tom Sastry.

Paperback ISBN: 9781910139523

Publication date: 31 January 2019


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Emma Wright

Emma Dai'an Wright is the founder of The Emma Press, and works across all areas of the business, from commissioning, editing, typesetting, illustrating, marketing and sales. She isn't the author of any books - this bit is just appearing under every book until we've finished updating the website!


Everything That Can Happen contains many kinds of future: an android fills out a passport form; the local cricket pitch is lost underwater; frozen limbs thaw from cryogenic sleep; robotic shoes allow for highspeed parenting. The poems in this anthology explore time, language, changing landscapes, future selves, uncertainty, catastrophe and civilisation. Whether imagining a distant, apocalyptic future or the moment we live in, nudged slightly beyond what we know, the poems ask what we can do to prepare ourselves for a future that edges a little closer every day.

With poems from Amy Acre, Craig Barker, Sharon Black, Carole Bromley, Sue Burge, Joe Carrick-Varty, Alexandra Citron, Rishi Dastidar, Frank Dullaghan, Charlotte Eichler, Annie Fisher, Rosie Garland, Matthew Haigh, Robert Hamberger, Susannah Hart, Pamela Johnson, Tim Kiely, Alice Merry, Karin Molde, Jess Mookherjee, Chloe Murphy, Luke Palmer, Ilse Pedler, Nina Mingya Powles, Kerry Priest, Charley Reay, Laura Ring, Shauna Robertson, Shelley Roche, Emma Simon, Marion Tracy, Peter Twose, Jane Wilkinson and Jo Young.

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Dimensions 12.3 × 19.8 cm

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