Goose Fair Night, by Kathy Pimlott (paperback)


Goose Fair Night is the debut pamphlet of poems by Kathy Pimlott. With an introduction by Clare Pollard.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-910139-35-6
Publication date: 17th March 2016
Page count: 36


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Product Description

Goose Fair Night is a generous, jellied feast of a book, full of sharp-eyed yet tender details about friendship, family and familiarity. Pimlott ranges around the country and through the centuries to offer her warmly incisive take on living and loving in a gorgeous, unstable world. The poems plunge us into the Midlands, bustling central London, seaside scenes, questionable pots of jam, and the captivating worldview of Pimlott’s grandmother Enid. This is a book to make your mouth water and your heart swell.

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All the Way Here, Apprentice Cutter, Enid and Elizabeth, Enid and the Handsome Devil, Enid and the Peas, Enid and the Present Dangers, Enid and the Toad, Five Unusual Things, For The Little Train, How to Make a Carillon, Midland Mainline, On the Difficulty of Working with Quinces, Our National Bird, Out with the Girls, Presbycusis, Preserving Enid and Me, Soho Hens, These Occasional Absences, Things to Do in Small Spaces, Things We No Longer Need Words, You Bring Out the Nottingham in Me


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