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The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts

The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts


The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts, poetry edited by Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright. Illustrated by Emma Wright.

“This was soldier curfew he says, apropos
of nothing, the way the best stories come
round this table that just about holds us,
bwali all but eaten, the flash of the thought
a flame lighting up his face. He rests the tip
of a finger in the space between his eyes,
past curfew there were no warning-shots.
Auntie chips in as if this were little more
than a scene they were rehearsing: you had
to have a man with you at all times, especially
at night, so my cousin would walk me home.
In trousers and squared shoulders she could pass.
She smiles a knowing smile at our scandalized
faces. Faces we’ve bent into anguished shapes
when she could smell a lie but let us improvise
wildly until, hoist by our respective petards,
we came clean, deferring to the knowledge
of a woman who was a girl who could climb
out of a window in hotpants and platforms,
dance to the last ache in her legs and make
it back before the cockerel crowed morning.”


– ‘Curfew’, by Kayo Chingonyi, from The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts

Publication date: 10th May 2017

80 pages / 32 poems / 10 illustrations

Paperback ISBN: 9781910139660

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Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright

Rachel Piercey is a poet and editor for adults and children. She regularly performs her poems and runs writing workshops at schools and festivals across the country. Emma Wright runs The Emma Press.


At one remove from parental authority, aunts play a crucial role in the upbringing of children across the world. This anthology puts these women in the spotlight and explores what it means to be – and feels like to have – an aunt, historically and today. Some aunts are biological, some are chosen, but all have an impact on the way we learn to move through the world.

With poems from Natalya Anderson, J V Birch, Lily Blacksell, Stephen Bone, Carole Bromley, Kayo Chingonyi, Mary Anne Clark, Tracy Davidson, Brian Docherty, Charlotte Eichler, Amy Evans, Matthew Haigh, Robert Hamberger, Jan Heritage, Hilaire, Kathleen Jones, Angela Kirby, Gill Learner, Rachel Long, Ruthie Lowe, Gill McEvoy, David McKelvie, Mia, Joan Michelson, Isabel S Miles, Winifred Mok, Margot Myers, Anita S. Pulier, Kim M. Russell, Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, Rob Walton, Kate White, Simon Williams and Anna Woodford.

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