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The Emma Press Anthology of Motherhood

The Emma Press Anthology of Motherhood


Edited by Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright.

A powerful and moving collection of poems about motherhood, from a variety of perspectives.

“My mama wraps me in an aguayo,

packs me into its colours as tightly

as mince meat tucked into an empanada.

She pulls up her pollera, then throws

me from my aunt’s seventh floor window.

She does this because I’ll fall anyway.


I am alone with only an open window

and seven floors to fall for company.

I am falling towards my brother in London.

I am falling for the sweet-seller’s baby.

I am following her down the street as a I fall.

I am as small as my mother’s black doll

whose head broke off and never got fixed.

I will always always never not fall.”


‘Dreams of Falling’, Katherine Lockton

Page count: 96pp

Publication date: 27th February 2014

Paperback ISBN: 9780957459670

184 x 123mm / 96pp / 44 poems / 5 illustrations

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Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright

Rachel Piercey is a poet and editor for adults and children. She regularly performs her poems and runs writing workshops at schools and festivals across the country. Emma Wright runs The Emma Press.


There are poems about beloved mothers, difficult mothers, expectant mothers and not-to-be mothers; mothers trying their best and mothers falling short. This anthology examines the depth and complexity of emotion surrounding motherhood, and sensitively portrays the darkest thoughts of exhausted mothers.

We wanted to make this book because of conversations we’d had with people about how there are some things you’re not meant to say and barely meant to think as a parent, and we wanted to create something which celebrated motherhood at the same time as challenging the huge expectations placed on mothers.

With poems by Deborah Alma, Stephanie Arsoska, Liz Berry, Sara Boyes, Carole Bromley, Laura Chalar, George David Clark, Flora de Falbe, Kate Garrett, Hilary Gilmore, Melinda Kallasmae, David Kennedy, Anna Kirk, Anna Kisby, Peter LaBerge, Eve Lacey, Anna Leader, Marena Lear, Katherine Lockton, Rachel Long, Julie Maclean, Ikhda Ayuning Maharsi, Kathryn Maris, Richard O’Brien, Rachel Piercey, Clare Pollard, Jacqueline Saphra, Kathryn Simmonds, Lavinia Singer, Catherine Smith, Camellia Stafford and Megan Watkins.

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