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A Sense of Place: 2023 Pamphlet Bundle 2

A Sense of Place: 2023 Pamphlet Bundle 2


Immerse yourself in a seething world of sand, or the rich visual and material culture of Pakistan; peel back the layers of stained wallpaper to reveal the secrets of a family home. The pamphlets in this collection range vastly in scope – from a luxuriously tactile imagined world of sand to critical commentary on vexed issues of class, linguistic and cultural identity, via an uncanny of exploration of grief and the domestic – but share an enticing and evocative sense of place that promises to linger long after reading.


Includes What the House Taught Us by Anne Bailey, Sandsnarl by Jon Stone, and Paisley by Rakhshan Rizwqn.

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Paisley, Rakhshan Rizwan’s debut pamphlet, simmers with a poised, driving anger. Drawing on the rich visual and material culture of her home region, Rizwan unpacks and offers critical comment on the vexed issues of class, linguistic and cultural identity – particularly for women – in the context of Pakistan and South Asia. Shortlisted for Best Poetry Pamphlet in the 2018 Michael Marks Awards.

Page count: 36 | Publication date: 28 September 2017 | Paperback ISBN: 9781910139783

Jon Stone’s Sandsnarl is a settlement steeped in sand – though where it came from and how long ago is a matter of tall tales and steely whispers. The sand itself makes accurate record-keeping impossible. It is drug, ore, plague and delicacy. The inhabitants of this region (or is it a fallen kingdom?) talk and think through its haze. Some alter their shape, as if shaved by it. Others seethe, resisting its rattle and buzz. Drawing on Borges, Calvino and other playful texts, these poems eavesdrop, extract, sift. Together, they make up a brief impression of time and place, a Buñuelian musical without the music.

Page count: 36 | Publication date: 2 September 2021 | Paperback ISBN 9781912915798

What the House Taught Us is a poetry pamphlet by Anne Bailey. You never know how things really are in other people’s families, in other people’s homes. There’s the public face and the private truths – the personal griefs and tragedies, whether festering or resting in peace. In her wry, engagingly strange poems, Anne Bailey takes the door off the latch and lets us inside. She shows us loss and disappointment, as well as hardness and resilience, particularly through the eyes of a daughter, wife and mother. We see the domestic sphere in such close-up detail that it becomes bizarre, an uncanny dimension that nonetheless rings horribly, weirdly true.

Page count: 36 | Publication date: 02 Dec 2021 | Paperback ISBN: 9781912915910

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