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The Poetry Bundle

The Poetry Bundle


If you’re looking to get started with the Emma Press poetry collections, we recommend this selection of titles that play with themes of myth and nature.

“You are family. I am as full of your blood as you are. I eat you hot and fresh, in kind thanks.” – Meat Songs

Includes how the first sparks became visible, by Simone Atangana Bekono, Wain, by Rachel Plummer, and Meat Songs, by Jack Nicholls.

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The Emma Press

The Emma Press is an independent publisher specialising in poetry, short fiction and children’s books. We are trying to make publishing and literature as welcoming and accessible as possible.


In the Poetry Bundle

how the first sparks became visible (2020), poems by Simone Atangana Bekono. These poems are vivid and arresting, with the feeling of letters or diary entries. In nine breath-taking streams of consciousness, the poet explores race, gender and sexuality in a voice that is both confident and innovative.

“My silhouette opened her mouth and said

‘I exist because your body exists

Cronus devouring his children

as bloodthirsty as Goya painted him

a body become unrecognisable

greedy and chaotic

not rooted in the earth’”

Page count: 36 | Publication date: 21st January 2021 | Paperback ISBN: 9781912915552

Wain: LGBT reimaginings of Scottish folktales (2019), poems by Rachel Plummer, illustrations by Helene Boppert. Wain is a collection of LGBT themed poetry for teens based on retellings of Scottish myths. The collection contains stories about kelpies, selkies, and the Loch Ness Monster, alongside perhaps lesser-known mythical people and creatures, such as wulvers, Ghillie Dhu, and the Cat Sìth. These poems immerse readers in an enriching, diverse and enchanting vision of contemporary life.

“When I was a boy
the Wulver brought me fish –
a wet bouquet of them
at my window, scales gem
bright in the wooden dish,
gleaming. Ornate as koi.”

Page count: 88 | Print ISBN: 9781910139479 | Publication date: 28th February 2019

Meat Songs (2017), poems by Jack Nicholls, illustrations by Mark Andrew Webber. The voices of humans and animals, living and dead, clamour for the reader’s attention in Meat Songs. Headlice roam their strange habitat, a severed pig’s head questions an undergraduate’s choices, and packaged meat products are ignoring the future.

“This piece will cost you eleven hundred dollars. I will go to any private place you choose and lie shirtless on the floor. Five hundred ants will walk in formation across my body. I will be the ground for them – me, my body, the flesh with my brain in it. You will be responsible for directing the ants towards me and I do not take responsibility for the ants if you find their movements unsatisfying. They are ants.”

Page count: 36 | Publication date: 16th March 2017 | Paperback ISBN: 9781910139622

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