Second Place Rosette: Poems about Britain


Edited by Emma Wright and Richard O’Brien.


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Second Place Rosette is a collection of poems about the customs, rituals and practices that make up life in modern Britain.

The poems take in maypole dancing, mehndi painting, and medical prescriptions. Some events, like the Jewish Sabbath, happen every week; some, like the putting away of Christmas decorations, thankfully come only once a year.

Much of the book displays an ambivalence towards the land and its rituals, but there is also love, affection and pride. Mixed feelings: what could be more British than that?

With poems from Claire Askew, Dean Atta, Casey Bailey, Sarah Barr, Clare Best, Julia Bird, Jerrold Bowam, Jo Brandon, Carole Bromley, Alan Buckley, Shruti Chauhan, Claire Collison, Oliver Comins, Aviva Dautch, Tracy Davidson, Ian Dudley, Clementine Ewokolo-Burnley, Steve Harrison, Ramona Herdman, Maryam Hessavi, Nicola Jackson, Angela Kirby, Joan Lennon, Nick Littler, Derek Littlewood, Roy Macfarlane, Kibriya Mehrban, Fiona Moore, Tom Moyser, Margot Myers, Carolyn O’Connell, Claire Orchard, Cheryl Pearson, Kathy Pimlott, D A Prince, Kim M. Russell, Laura Seymour, Natalie Shaw, Hollie-Anne Slatcher, Pam Thompson, Beth L. Thompson, Louise Walker, Rob Walton and Ros Woolner.

Paperback ISBN 9781910139554
Publication date: 8 November 2018
128 pages / 52 poems

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