Slow Things (ebook)


Edited by Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright. Illustrated by Emma Wright.
A gorgeous book of poems about all things slow, from slow creatures and slow thoughts to slow processes and slow afternoons in the sun.

Ebook ISBN 978-1-910139-21-9
Publication date: 23rd July 2015
31 poems / 7 illustrations


Product Description

This is the perfect book to give as a gift to a friend who’s stressed or to sink into if you’re feeling that life is going by too fast. Every poem takes a good, long look at its slow subject matter, whether contemplating the saucer-eyed slow loris or considering all the steps in cleaning a teapot.

I decided to make this book because I often feel like time is whizzing by, and I wanted a reason to celebrate taking things slower. It was certainly a relaxing experience putting it together, and I’m especially pleased with the slow-having-a-picnic fantasy image I drew for the cover – what could be more soothing than that?

With poems by Juana Adcock, Elizabeth Barrett, Alison Brackenbury, Cameron Brady-Turner, Charlotte Buckley, Kay Buckley, George David Clark, Geraldine Clarkson, Catherine Temma Davidson, Alexandra Davis, Isobel Dixon, Suzanna Fitzpatrick, Caroline Gill, Linda Goulden, Charlotte Higgins, Paul Howarth, Alex Josephy, Anna Kisby, Gill Learner, Michael Mackay, Char March, Sarah Miles, Sara Nesbitt Gibbons, Alun Robert, Ben Rogers, Lawrence Schimel, Jessica Schouela, Di Slaney, Rob Walton, Lucy Williams and Simon Williams.

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