This Is Not Your Final Form


Edited by Richard O’Brien and Emma Wright. Illustrated by Emma Wright.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-910139-60-8
Publication date: 16th February 2017
80 pages / 33 poems / 6 illustrations


Product Description

This Is Not Your Final Form is a collection of poems about Birmingham. Bringing together entries from the inaugural VERVE Poetry Festival Competition, this anthology depicts a second city which is no longer content to play second fiddle.

Includes the 2017 VERVE poetry competition winners, chosen by judge Hannah Silva.

With poems from Margaret Adkins, Reza Arabpour, Carole Bromley, Natalie Burdett, Keith Chandler, Jenna Clake, David Clarke, Nellie Cole, Rishi Dastidar, Bernard Davis, Susannah Dickey, Jennifer Edwards, Tessa Foley, Heather Freckleton, Victoria Gatehouse, Roz Goddard, Shaun Hand, Nick Knibb, Gregory Leadbetter, Gill Learner, Bernadette Lynch, John McGhee, Kibriya Mehrban, Jill Munro, Nusayba Nabeel, Rachael Nicholas, Cheryl Pearson, Helen Rehman, Ali-Noor Salam, Maya Stokes, Louise Vale, Rob Walton and Charlotte Wetton.


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