True Tales of the Countryside


The debut pamphlet of poems by Deborah Alma. With an introduction by Helen Ivory.


Paperback ISBN 978-1-910139-26-4
Publication date: 22nd October 2015
Page count: 36


Product Description

Deborah Alma’s poems are gloriously pungent, teeming with colours, textures and smells. In True Tales of the Countryside, Alma writes vividly about sex, love and ageing in rural Shropshire and Wales, and reflects on her experiences as a mixed-race, British-Asian woman. Eyeballs pop, fresh piss steams and women come – loudly – in poems which often startle with their honesty and intimacy.

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Aldi, Cattle Lorry Lover, Chicken, Fridge Magnets, Getting It, He Sees Me, I Am My Own Parent, I Don’t Know Why, I put a pen in my cunt once, Lift Him Up Out, My Brown-Eyed Girl, My Mother Moves Into Adolescence, New House, On Sleeping Alone, Pink Pyjama Suit, Quaker Hat, Running Away, She describes herself like this, Small Rain, True Tales of the Countryside, When You’re Ready, The Right Man Will Come Along