Watcher of the Skies: Poems about Space and Aliens


Edited by Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright

An Emma Press Children’s Anthology
Approximate reading age: for reading aloud to children aged 6+; for children aged 8+ to read on their own



Product Description

How big is the universe? Are there dogs in space? What if your friend – or your granddad – was an alien? Join the poets in wondering in Watcher of the Skies, a sparkling collection of poems about the outermost possibilities of space, life and our imaginations. Fully illustrated and accompanied with helpful facts about space, this is the perfect companion for any budding stargazer or astronaut.

Contains 31 poems and features bonus materials, including an interview with astrophysicist Rachel Cochrane from the Institute for Astronomy in Edinburgh, and ideas for writing your own poems.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-910139-43-1
Publication date: 29th September 2016
Page count: 128

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Dimensions 12.3 × 18.4 cm

Paperback, eBook