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I’m introducing a new rule to the Emma Press submissions procedure, by which everyone who submits to our anthologies must be a member of ‘The Emma Press Club’.

In order to be a member of the Club, you need to have bought a book from the Emma Press website in the same calendar year as you are submitting, or to already have been accepted in an Emma Press book. Buying a book from the Emma Press site gets you membership for that calendar year, so you can submit to as many of our projects as you like in that year; being published in an Emma Press book gets you membership for life.

I’ve thought about it a lot, with Withnail’s ‘Free to those that can afford it, very expensive to those that can’t’ going round in my head, and I think that it is fair, so I hereby decree it and hope it’s received well. I’ve tried to anticipate the kinds of questions I’ll get below, but if I’ve missed any then let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re wondering what submissions we’re looking for at the moment, check out our Submissions page.

Emma Wright
March 2014

How do I join the Emma Press Club?

a) Buy a book or ebook (or the set of 10 postcards) from our webshop. If you already bought one of those things since 1st January 2016, you are already in the Club. If you accidentally submitted before buying something, you can retrospectively join the Club if you make a purchase before the submissions deadline.


b) If you have already been accepted into an Emma Press book, whether it has been published yet or not, you are a member of the Club for life.

How many calls for submissions will you be doing each year?

We plan to publish 3-5 themed poetry anthologies a year and to source poets through a mixture of invitations and open submissions. We really like discovering new writers, so we always try to include lots of poets who are early in their careers or who were previously unknown by us.

You can read about our current calls for submissions here.

I bought a book from your website in late 2015 – does this get me membership in 2016?

I’m afraid not. It’s easier for me to keep track of purchases within the calendar year, and to be able to wipe the slate clean at the end of each year.

If I’ve bought a book from your website but don’t intend to submit, can a friend use my membership?

Also no. The Emma Press is a tiny operation and I want to save on admin, so it’s much easier if you buy a book and your name is logged in my webshop system. Imagine if I had to try and monitor hundreds of people’s purchases against their submissions – not fun. You’re welcome to get someone to buy a book on your behalf, though – just make sure the purchase is in your name.

I don’t live in the UK, and I noticed your international shipping fee is £4.00 – how can I avoid paying this? 

You could buy an ebook, for £3.50, £4.25 or £5.50.