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This Is Not Your Final Form: Poems about Birmingham

This Is Not Your Final Form: Poems about Birmingham


Edited by Richard O’Brien and Emma Wright. Illustrated by Emma Wright.


and Birmingham’s snow smoothed over,
a million footfalls muffled


but the Dudley Road roars
with a three-lane cavalry charge,
steaming, blowing hot air –
rush hour
and it’s rods up, horns go, foot-down
smoke-rubber smell in the tingling cold.


on the Dudley Road,
nose to the wind
Talisman printed on snow.


Then, little feet trotting on the concrete car-park
jumps shrub
fox up
nose questing questing
ploughs down through a soft deep drift
bobs up
dazzle-fox, sun on snow fox, morning-poem fox!


He winks his white teeth
in his slim grin
flashes sexy black stockings
and vanishes.”


– ‘January’ by Charlotte Wetton in This is Not Your Final Form

Publication date: 16th February 2017

80 pages / 33 poems / 6 illustrations

Paperback ISBN: 9781910139608

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This Is Not Your Final Form is a collection of poems about Birmingham, depicting a second city which is no longer content to play second fiddle.

With poems from Margaret Adkins, Reza Arabpour, Carole Bromley, Natalie Burdett, Keith Chandler, Jenna Clake, David Clarke, Nellie Cole, Rishi Dastidar, Bernard Davis, Susannah Dickey, Jennifer Edwards, Tessa Foley, Heather Freckleton, Victoria Gatehouse, Roz Goddard, Shaun Hand, Nick Knibb, Gregory Leadbetter, Gill Learner, Bernadette Lynch, John McGhee, Kibriya Mehrban, Jill Munro, Nusayba Nabeel, Rachael Nicholas, Cheryl Pearson, Helen Rehman, Ali-Noor Salam, Maya Stokes, Louise Vale, Rob Walton and Charlotte Wetton.

This Is Not Your Final Form is a compact, accessible read befitting multiple revisits in order to uncover the poems’ many layers. […] The poets have channelled the city’s depths and looked (for the most part) beyond the obvious clichés. Talented voices of many different backgrounds and poetic styles are featured, reflecting the diversity which to me is one of the city’s greatest strengths. The city’s distinctive self-deprecating humour and outlook fill the pages of this funny, bleak, uplifting, tragic, original, gritty and inspirational love letter to Birmingham.’Contemporary Small Press

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Dimensions 12.3 × 18.4 cm

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