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Charlotte Wetton on the inspiration for Accessioning

When I was a kid, I had collections: miniature china animals, bright-haired trolls, gem stones. Now, I feel that we’re ruining the planet with our consumerism and ruining our peace of mind with our over-crowded houses, houses like ‘The Archivist’s House’, where ‘box files split like fruit-skins / spongy and bulging’. And yet… part of me misses collecting.

I came up with the idea to put together a book on early parenthood after having my own babies and noticing that there were a lot of writers exploring the topic. Some of these writers weren't necessarily known for writing about parenthood but had begun to do so after having children themselves. Some were already writing wonderful things about parenthood. I guess it's something to do with being part of a certain generation of writers, many of whom were now beginning to have families.

The Emma Press has launched the first batch of Bicki-Books, a landmark series of pocket-sized picture books for children originally published in Latvia by liels un mazs. Each Bicki-Book features a classic Latvian children’s poem, newly translated into English, with illustrations from some of Latvia’s leading illustrators. The six titles include Ice Cream and Naughty Gnat. The English publication of the Bicki-Books is supported by a grant from the Latvian Writers Union.

Award-winning Birmingham publisher the Emma Press is launching Everything That Can Happen: Poems about the Future on 31st January 2019. Edited by Suzannah Evans, whose debut poetry collection Near Future was published by Nine Arches Press in November 2018, and Tom Sastry, whose first full collection A Man’s House Catches Fire will be published by Nine Arches Press in Autumn 2019, the anthology explores many kinds of future; versions of our world that are recognisable in differing degrees.

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